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Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charter Highlights ~ Gloucester, MA

Click Here for More Gloucester Bluefin Tuna Highlights - Small - Medium - Large Tuna

Catch of a Lifetime - Congratulations Jess!Captain Gary and Dave relax with a 500lb  bluefin tuna


Congratulations to Jess who landed this fish of a lifetime aboard Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters

Patience paid off, as Jess has chartered with us landing school bluefin - standup on light tackle - and seen glorious kite hits (and misses), but this fish takes the prize.

Jess did an excellent job angling this beauty, who was securely tail-wrapped, making the fight that much harder. (Like reeling in a car while it's driving away from you!)





500lb Bluefin, Nice Catch!Captain Gary and Dave relax with a 500lb  bluefin tuna

2012 Tuna season is going well for Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters
This 500lb bluefin made a nice catch on a recent trip.






Two 800lb Bluefin, One Big DayTuna Hunter crew and giant 800lb  bluefin tuna

In one incredible day, Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters landed two 800-lb bluefin. One giant was an awesome rush. The second, hooked up 2 hours later, gave a mighty battle that lasted into the dark.





Tuna Hunter crew and their second giant 800lb bluefin tuna

Who cares if its dark, when this is the end result. The ladies decides to join this trip at the last minute - a sure case of Lady Luck in action. This is Gloucester tuna fishing at its best!

Cajun Tide Beach Crew Lands 700lb Giant Bluefin

After a six hour battle, the Cajun Tide Beach crew from Grand Isle, Louisiana landed this 700-lb giant bluefin tuna aboard Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters. This is Gloucester tuna fishing at its best!

Huge congratulations to angler Mark who fought the fish essenitally solo, assisted by mate Dave for a few spells. Mark's skill, determination and endurance in combintion with smart moves by all aboard led to the happy ending..

This giant hit at 3pm, and the fight was on, going well after dark when giant was pulled onboard around 9:30PM. Great coordination between Tuna Hunter crew and Cajun Tide anglers led to the successful end.

Check out Mark's home fishing spot at Cajun Tide Beach Resort in Grand Ilse, LA. MArk and friends won this trip in a fishing tournament, and chose to target giant bluefin.

Gloucester Tuna Fishing - Two for One Special!

What's better than landing a giant bluefin tuna aboard Tuna Hunter?

Landing TWO, of course.

Patience paid of for this bluefin tuna fishing charter, as they landed both of these bluefin on their last charter of their charter series. Good going, Chris!

Both of these giant bluefin were battled on the Ken Matsuura Marlin & Tuna 80 reel, angling both fish from the rodholder.

They Did It Again! Another Giant for the Polish Crew

This time, the charter was a week before the hurricane.

The all-Polish crew returned for a full-day bluefin tuna fishing charter, and came up lucky again with this 200 lb giant.

They landed this giant bluefin on the Ken Matsuura Marlin & Tuna 80 reel, this time fighting from the rodholder.

The fish hit on the bow rod and luckily took off straight down - avoiding anchor problems. This battle was much faster - a half-hour hookup to leader . All hands performed flawlessly, including assistance in bringing the fish on board for measurement. This is no easy task, as care must be taken to release the fish unharmed, if it measures under 73 inches. That was not the fate for this 77 inch giant.

We look forward to fishing with these guys again for another Polish giant. Tuna Hunter charters that land a giant bluefin in 2010 get one-third of the fish sale money. - see our Fishing Charter Rates page for more details.


Giant Bluefin Tuna ~ 400lbs Polish (and German) Giant


A fine giant bluefin fought standup on a Penn 50 (light tackle).

The Polish (and German) crew braved the day after a hurricane for their bluefin tuna fishing charter.

They landed this giant bluefin on light tackle in a two-hour battle using our Smiitty and OHO fighting belts.

We look forward to fishing with these guys again, when they return for their next trip. Tuna Hunter charters that land a giant bluefin get one-third of the sale price of the fish - see our Fishing Charter Rates page for more details.






Giant Bluefin Tuna ~ 700lbs November Giant




We call this giant bluefin Karen's Tuna.

Note the attire … rumor has it the leggings attracted this November fish.

While most boats were on land winterizing, Tuna Hunter Captain and mate Karen ventured out on a gorgeous November afternoon. This was the only fish Karen ever got  - and will ever get to -  yell at the Captain (REEL!)

(In case you're wondering, no, she did not swim this fish to the boat - that's a striped bass trick)





The Littlest Giant ... Bluefin

This giant bluefin was fought and landed on light tackle, standup!

This giant bluefin - 74inches - was headed for the charter's cooler, when Captain Gary ordered mate Jack to hold off on gaffing the fish until he could be measured. Saleable bluefin must be gaffed and handled carefully to avoid injury to valuable meat. No worries, that charter went home with plenty of tuna steaks.


Midsummer Giant Bluefin Catch

650 lb Giant Bluefin Tuna

This 800-pound giant proved a worthy fight for all on board!

All looks quit now, but it was chaos landing this beast who circled, dove, rzigged and generally gave us a run for it. An awesome, worthy beast for sure.



700 Pound Giant Bluefin

Trophy Striped Bass!


A 700 pound fattie at the buyer's dock.

Next stop, ice bath, then she's on her way to Japan.!






Hauling 900 Pound Giant Bluefin Aboard



Hauling a 900+ pound bluefin aboard takes muscle and careful maneuvering to avoid damage ot the fish.

All hands are busy ensuring this bluefin is safely on board, via Tuna Hunter's block and tackle installed specifically for this purpose.

TUNA HUNTER was built for tuna fishing, by tuna fishermen ( Captain Gary included). She has many features geared and adjusted specifically for giant bluefin tuna fishing and handling.








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