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Striped Bass Fishing Charter Highlights ~ Gloucester, MA

43in Striped Bass ~ Congrats to Michael Lucente!

Gloucester striped bass fishing charter, Lucente family 43 inch striper

Michael Lucente landed this beautiful 43-inh striped bss aboard a recent striped bass fishing charter, on Tuna Hunter. What a way to start ones angling career.

Smiles and thumbs up for an excellent angling job. Next year maybe Dad will be top hook!

Striped bass and bluefish charters are inshore, full or half-day, with all instruction provided as needed throught your charter. We fillet and bag your catch at the end of the day - all you need do is relax, have fun, and reel!

Family Fun ~ Gloucester Striped Bass Fishing Charter

Gloucester striped bass fishing charter, a great family outing for all

This family enjoyed a gorgeous day on the water on a striped bass charter, producing fine stripers throughout the day. Patience paid off for all, as these hugies mounted up to plenty of striper steaks for the grill, and plenty of smiles.

Striped bass and bluefish charters are great family summer outing.

Dream Team ~ Gloucester Striped Bass Fishing Charter

Gloucester striped bass fishing charter, the Dream Team

The Dream Team enjoyed an evening striped bass charter, producing these fine stripers in short time. Weight lifting almost as good as the gym.

Evening striped bass and bluefin charters are the perfect way to wrap up those summer days.

Nivens Bass Bonanza

The Nivens family displayed their fine angling skills on a recent two-shift striped bass charter. The morning crew out-caught their afternoon relatives in terms of numbers of stipers, but Scott won high hook on the afternoon shift with his 43-inch striper. And we let that one go! All around a great day on the water, followed by a great meal of grilled striper and lobsters!

Annual Airasian Family Striped Bass Charter

This family of fine anglers did it again, landing many fine stripers on their annual striped bass fishing trip. Good thing Dad caught the big one, an awesome 48-inch striped bass. (The others were not far behind - most fish that day were over 30!)



Flo-dell 4th of July Striper Charter


This is just one striped bass of many from a very productive and relaxing 4th of July striped bass fishing charter.






Annual Labor Day MacIntyre Family

Record "Hugies" - largest stripers for this annual family event that targets evening striped bass off of Thatcher's Island.

Two early evening stripers landed by Dad Wayne and son Danny.



Thatcher Island Evening Striper Charter


Mom and daughter Heather out did the guys an hour later!







Annual "TheRealEstateGuy" Outing




Nick M and crew- great people, great fish - what a trip!  Can't wait for dinner in town - fresh bass on the grill.  See you guys next year!




46 # Winchester Cup Winner

Trophy Striped Bass!



46# Winchester Cup- winning striper, landed by Dave Dennis - GREAT FISH Dave!



Handsome Men, Handsome Striped Bass



Handsome men, handsome fish .. what more could one want!




Company Fishing Trip

Striped Bass



This group was busy all day off of Milk Island and Thatcher's. A fine catch for the grill!





Annual Kruger Surgeon Excursion




This lucky crew scores constant action every trip - how do they pick exactly the right day, the right time?  Scott is extremely happy with his first fish of the evening.













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