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Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charter Highlights ~ Gloucester, MA

Click Here for More Gloucester, MA Bluefin Tuna Highlights - Giants and more!

School - Small - Medium - Large Tuna, Too!

North of Cape Cod all we get are Bluefn Tuna. But man, do we get bluefin tuna, of all sizes. At any point in the season we may see school - "footballs", small, medium and/or large tuna, up to and including giants (73 inches and over). These less-than-giant tuna make for great standup angling on light tackle.

Tuna Hunter provides quality tackle, professional fighting belts ( OHO and Smitty) and coaching as needed. Itis awesome to battle these beasts!

200 Pound Gloucester Bluefin Tuna - The Kite Fishing Hit Rocks!

This 200 pound bluefin as caught on the kite - the nit ws incredible - a huge splash on the surface tas the bluefin clears the water to slam the bait.

Every angler got a turn or two or three at this fish, as is typical of most bluefin tun battles.

Makes for some fine sushi, and of course tuna steaks..

Midsummer Bluefin Tuna Beauty

220 lb Bluefin Tuna on deck

This 220-pound bluefin proved a worthy fight for all on board!

All looks quit now, but it was chaos landing this beast who circled, dove, rzigged and generally gave us a run for it. An awesome, worthy beast for sure.



Atlantic Bluefin Tuna for Team Salty

 Gloucester Bluefin Tuna Fishing for West Coast anglers!


Fishing Jeffries Ledge and surrounding areas, Team Salty from the CA west coast landed this beauty on their Atlantic bluefin tuna fishing charter.

Nice going Justin and Stu!











Another Gloucester Bluefin Tuna

Trophy Gloucester Bluefin Tuna!



Fishing Stellwagen Bank waters, the Tuna Hunter crew landed yet another 200 pound fattie .

(the fish, that is, not Jack!)










Hauling 900 Pound Giant Bluefin Aboard

Hauling a 900+ pound bluefin aboard takes muscle and careful maneuvering to avoid damage ot the fish.

All hands are busy ensuring this bluefin is safely on board, via Tuna Hunter's block and tackle installed specifically for this purpose.

TUNA HUNTER was built for tuna fishing, by tuna fishermen ( Captain Gary included). She has many features geared and adjusted specifically for bluefin tuna fishing and handling

For example, while she used to have a fighting chair, experience proved more anglers could battle a tuna with better results thant when a single person is strapped to the chair, so it was removed infavor a greater angling area and a larger fish box for preserving your catch. No worries, we will strap you in with a belt, and provide coaching as needed to assist you in landing your fish.



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All Tuna Hunter Charters depart from Cape Ann Marina, slip J6, 75 Essex Avenue, Gloucester, MA